Our mission is to promote
sustainable ways of living.


Otra Ola - Otra Onda...A different Wave...A different Vibe...
Each wave is different and each wave has its own beauty, its own vibe. Understanding nature’s diversity, nature’s rhythms and patterns becomes key in preserving nature and humans alike.

We are passionate about nature, how it inspires us and teaches us one of the most important principles in permaculture: "Take Care of Earth. Take Care of People". Nature is diversity and diversity is everything. Diversity means stability and prosperity within a system. We value and enjoy diversity.


About Us




We are Permaculture & Healthy Lifestyle Consultants and Economy for the Common Good Facilitator that focuses on empowerment through diversity.

We offer the following services:
- Green Business Development
- Project Management
- Permaculture Design
- Sustainability Assessment
- Trainings


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Dr. Philipp B. Schuster

Dra. Sarah Chinelo Schuster