What is the Economy for the Common Good ?

First and foremost it is a new approach to economics and a scientifically based alternative model for economics. The model was basically developed by a group of pioneering companies in Austria and Germany. These pioneers felt the core of their activities should be put the necessities of human being and the good of all members of the community.


Source: https://old.ecogood.org/en


In line with this argument, the economy for the common good argues that economics and economic relationships should be built on the same values that make our personal relationships prosper.
These values are Human dignity, Cooperation and Solidarity, Ecological Sustainability, Social Justice and Democratic Co-determination and Transparency.

Key is the Common Good Report that describes how a company has implemented these universal values and looks at areas in need of improvement. The report and the balance sheet are externally audited and then published. As a result, a company’s contribution to the Common Good is made available to the public and all stakeholders. See our report here coming soon.



Source: https://old.ecogood.org/en