Green Business Development
Choose your own path and pace towards sustainability. We develop customized solutions according to your needs and possibilities. We will design you a green business plan that helps you become more efficient, profitable and at the same time more sustainable. Whether you need help to start-up or to implement a green product strategy, we will provide you with the necessary tools, knowledge and partners to achieve your goals.
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Joshua Sortino Your Personal Path to Sustainability

Joshua Earle Web Project Management

Project Management
We work within an international open network and create new partnerships for you. We facilitate and run projects in the fields of green business development and green strategies. We work together with public companies, universities and public entities. Our tools are holistic so they can be applied for almost every project idea you want to develop.
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Permaculture:  New Horizons
Implementing permaculture design will make your actions permanently sustainable and economically more efficient. We provide you with the right design that fits your ideas and help you reach new horizons. Permaculture design will make you stand out and you will create a real positive impact on your community, your environment and yourself.
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Joshua Earle Vision

Coley Christine planting seeds

.Sustainability Assessment
We provide your company or entity with a sustainability check-up and help you to implement CSR standards. We apply the Balance Sheet of the Economy of the Common Good and techniques of Permaculture Design to assess and measure your impact on your community in social, economic and environmental terms. Becoming sustainable will boost your business & happiness.
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Trainings & Teachings
Creating the right knowledge base is important, either for your personal development, career development or for industry changes. These global challenges require life-long learning. We offer customized trainings and workshops in the fields of sustainable economics, e-commerce, project management, business and organizational development, permaculture and sustainable ways of living.
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