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One day it so happened that we were going to a Social Club in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The workers there knew that Sarah is a doctor and therefore they came to ask us.

They told us that there was a member of the club who´s daughter had epilepsy. He came to ask if we knew anything about it…surprised about the fact that Cannabis could treat Epilepsy Sarah started to do some more research on medicinal cannabis. At this moment we were unaware of the fact where this would lead us and this should only have been the beginning of an exciting journey.

Fascinated by the plant and all the medicinal uses that have recently been discovered, like for example curing Cancer (!!!!), Sarah decided to do Clinical Research about the therapeutical value of using Cannabis and she now is a member of the Cannabis Clinicians Society of California and certified in Cannabis Medicine.

More and more people we starting to contact Sarah for the use of Cannabis as a medicine. So she finally decided to develop a full program for patients and other people that need more information on the medical benefits and possible side effects of Cannabis as a Medicine.

From this the idea was born to develop a program for people who are self medicating and need more help and advise on the therapeutical use of Cannabis: “ EL programa de Cannabis Medicinal”.

Medicinal Cannabis has shown (by scientific evidence) that it can be used for the following pathologies:

– Cancer

– Glaucoma

– Multiple Sclorosis

– Damage of Spiral Nervous System

– Epilepsy


– Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

– Artritis – Chronical Pain

– Anxiety

– Insomnio

Within the program you will learn about the history of Cannabis as a Medicine, The Endocannaboid System, Form of Administrations of the Medicine, Cannabinoids and many more interesting things.

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